Examination and Promotion


There are two major exams [SAI, SA II] each at the end of term. Besides these, there are four formative assessments taken regularly. Formative and summative I answer sheets will be shown to the parents. No re-test will be conducted under any circumstances.

Promotion Scheme:

Promotion to a higher class depends upon:

  1. Regularity in attendance.

  2. Regularity and quality of day-to-day participation in the class.

  3. Opinion of teachers teaching in the class.

  4. Completion of written work and projects assigned by the subject teachers.

  5. Average of the terminal examinations.

Promotion Marks:

  1. For promotion, a student must obtain 40% in each subject.

  2. Those who seek admission in this school have to accept this scheme of promotion. The decision of the school concerning promotion is final and irrevocable.

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